Vehicles that are Better to Buy Used

Not that long ago, you could buy a new car for under $10,000. In fact, a Chevy Camaro sold for less than that in 1980. These days, however, cars are a little more expensive. The average price of a new car is just under $40,000–which puts it out of the price range for many people. Because new car prices are so high, a lot of people decide to buy a used car instead. Many used cars have very low miles, and you can buy a newish car without the new car price. Here are some cars that experts say are better to buy used than new.

The Honda Fit

Auto dealerships are having a hard time selling subcompact cars because gas prices are so low. However, the Fit remains popular. It is a good entry-level car for the Honda brand. The hatchback is roomy for a subcompact, the car gets great gas mileage. Like many Honda cars, it has good resale value and is known for its reliability.

Chevy Traverse

Chevy makes some of the best SUV’s and trucks on the market, and the Traverse has been a popular seller for them. It is a little larger than the Equinox, which is the small SUV that Chevy offers, but smaller than the ever-popular Suburban. The Traverse has a lot of features that Chevy owners love: in car wifi, rear camera, and three row seating, which is perfect for a growing family, or for hauling a lot of gear.

Ford Ranger

Ford Rangers remain one of the most popular truck models, because they fall into the midsize category. You have more room and towing capacity than the small truck, but without needing to go into the heavy or super duty truck market. Because trucks are so popular, they are also really expensive to buy new. The mid-sized Ranger is a perfect used truck to take a look at. It has a lot of horsepower for the price.

Tesla Model 3

Tesla’s are in huge demand right now. In fact, the Tesla 3 is the best-selling electric car in the US market. Tesla’s are an amazing car, but all of that technology comes at a shocking price new. Tesla 3’s are a great resale car, they are well designed, with lots of new safety features and technology integration. If you can find one used, snap it up fast.

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