Tips for Driving in the Snow

Snows come with lots of preparation, pre-activities performed to keep your home and body all warm and cozy. From securing your sheds and plants to keeping your warmer on a timer plus getting fuzzier and winter wears.

The same preparations should be made for your car and for driving in the snow because we know it is not an easy task at all driving when it snows; the roads are more slippery and wet, and you need more grip hence extreme caution should be taken. The important question is this: how do you prepare your car for driving in the snow? There are a number of tips to bear in mind or to print and paste on your dashboard or a visible area in your home.

Check Your Heater

Is it functional? What about your defroster – is it working too? These two work pari passu. Where one heats up the interior of your car to ensure you and other passengers such as your loved ones or colleagues are warm, the other ensures your rear side window and windshield are not fogged up from the interior.

Buy an Ice Scraper

Buy this because you need this close cousin of the defroster. With an ice scraper, you can scrape off frost from your windshield that could impact visibility and lead to accidents on the road.

Conduct a Battery Check

There are no good days for getting stranded on a lonely or busy road but snowy days are the worst days to get stuck on the road, stranded with a dead battery. Therefore, conduct a battery check to know what its condition is and what its voltage says. While you can do this yourself, it is always best to seek professional help in this case by calling our Vista Auto Group team in Philadelphia and setting up an appointment with us; our experts are versed in battery checks and will save you the agony of a dead battery on a snowy road and day.

Inspect Your Tires

Inspect your tires for the PSI and tread. Ensure your tires match the recommended PSI specified in the owner’s manual and if it does not match (either overinflated or underinflated), do well to inflate or deflate them to the correct PSI.

Your tire tread helps with grip on the road, in all road conditions. More than ever, accurate tread is needed on snowy days and roads. To find out if the tread of your tires is still deep enough to provide the needed grip, do the Penny Tread Test by sticking a penny with Abraham Lincoln’s head upside down; if the top of his head shows, your tread does not have enough depth and this is problematic. Start making plans for new tires.

If your car has not been prepared for snow driving, give us a call and set up an appointment with us. Our service experts will give your car all it needs to drive and thrive in the snow. You can reach us at 7418 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19136 or on the phone at 215-821-3557.


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