The Best Volkswagen to Buy Used

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This long-term German auto brand produces the best car brands you can – and should – buy as used. When it comes to the curious question about the best Volkswagen to buy as a used vehicle from its 12 car brands, it is the Beetle brand, the Passat brand, the Touareg brand, the Golf brand, and the Jetta brand for us.

Volkswagen Beetle Brand

Known all over the world for its characteristic shape which seeks to emulate the insect it drew its name from, the Beetle is a classic car in chassis and functionality. Newer models are more refined so however you want it, you get it while still choosing a classic vehicle.

Volkswagen Passat Brand

A four-door sedan that has been in the Volkswagen automotive picture since 1973, this specific car brand has seen changes in recent times. It has been on the road for 47 years and still counting, and its fuel economy (up to 32mpg; up to 45mpg for the diesel variant known as the Passat TDI), a roomy cabin, and plentiful trunk space makes the Passat worth it as a great used Volkswagen vehicle to buy.

Volkswagen Touareg Brand

One of the best Volkswagen to buy as an SUV, this specific brand goes way back to 18 years ago; while the earlier models are affordable, you can say the same for the newer models as well. Beyond the initial purchase price, the recurrent purchase of fuel is affordable as well because of the fuel consumption range of 22-29mpg. Plus there is a diesel option if you prefer that instead.

Volkswagen Golf Brand

Diesel or gas? You choose. Known as one of the most popular, if not the most popular hatchback in history, Volkswagen delivers the Golf as a two-door or four-door option. It is also available as the Golf Station Wagon, an addition to the Golf TDI and Golf Grand Tourer Injection. Fuel economy is better here than in the Jetta or the Passat brands.

Volkswagen Jetta Brand

With a grille that looks easily recognizable and distinct from close/far range, this is one of the available and affordable Volkswagen vehicles you can put your money on and rest assured. Its year of entry was in 1979, 6 years later than the Passat, and it came and still comes as a compact sedan. While smaller than the Passat, it still provides enough space in the cabin and delivers more mpg than the Passat: 50mpg or more. Just like the rest of the Volkswagen cars mentioned earlier, the Jetta has a diesel and gas option to choose from.

Diesel or gas? Volkswagen offers you both to choose from; top that with top-notch quality, great diesel/gas consumption per mile, and a great build and you have a good investment on wheels.

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