Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Vehicle

Spring cleaning is not for your home only; your vehicle should get that good scrubbing, cleansing, and polishing as well. Do you not think so? Vista Auto Group thinks it should be so and this is why we have pooled some spring cleaning tips (from the exterior to the interior) for your vehicle right after a cold and windy winter.

The Exterior

Use a cleaning liquid that is not harsh on the body of your vehicle and a soft towel to thoroughly wash away the foreign bodies that have accumulated in different sections of your car. Pay heed to cracks and edges, especially under the edges. Once dry, use a spray or liquid wax for polishing and shining.

The Engine

Pop the hood and take out the leaves and other items stuck in the engine. Then, clean each compartment carefully until you are certain the engine is dirt-clear.

The Windshield Wipers

Replace them if it was a harsh winter. You will need them to pave way for visibility when the showers of spring descend from the heavens and you cannot efficiently do so if your windshield wipers are weak to the touch.

The Windows and Mirrors

Clean both sides of the windows, from inside to outside with a slightly damp material; towels should be avoided especially those that leave threads and bits of them on glassy surfaces. After cleaning with a moistened material, get those windows dry with a dry towel.

The Upholstery, The Cabin, and Flooring

A slightly damp towel will do for the upholstery and conditional on the type of upholstery, a non-damaging cleaning liquid can come in handy too. The flooring(s) of your car is best cleaned with a carpet cleaner that sucks in dirt, debris, mud or rock salt.

Be mindful of electrical attachments when cleaning out the dashboard and other parts of the cabin.

If this feels like a major chore to you (we are aware it often feels that way), reach out to us at 7418 Frankford Ave Philadelphia, PA 19136 or call 215.821.3557. We have the best spring cleaning solution for your vehicle at an affordable rate.


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