Buy a New to You Car this Winter

Winter is here. And perhaps, you do not know it yet but we are here to tell you that this is the best time for you to purchase a car that is new to you. Play winter to your advantage by using the cold to get some deep discounts and many more.

Why this Winter is the Best Time for a New Car Purchase

This winter is the best time for a new car purchase because of the reasons below:

    • Given the impact of COVID, lots of manufacturers and car dealers will incentivize buyers – and are already incentivizing buyers – to purchase new cars during this winter season so that their cars do not sit in the lot for almost one-third of the year after mostly sitting there for the entirety of the lockdown period. You get to save more money by taking up any of the available offers.
    • You will get the opportunity to attend lots of auto shows in your county, state or elsewhere in the United States. At these auto shows, you will be treated to a plethora of car brands, models and years than you would be exposed to at one dealership. This also means that your dollar can be truly used for the greatest value.
    • To know if your car is tested and trusted for all seasons, be it summer or winter and the rest, the best time to exchange your hard-earned currency for a car is during winter. Its reliability will be thoroughly tested in terms of braking, grip, oxidation, reaction to slippery surfaces, traction and other promises car manufacturers make when they produce and release a new car into the auto market.
    • It is highly possible you get fortunate enough to get a dual seasonal tire deal. Because you will buy a new car this winter, they will normally come with winter tires; most manufacturers will throw in summer tires to sweeten the deal for you and encourage you to make a down payment and commitment.
    • Being in the market for cars usually considered summer cars will score you better deals because they have to be sold at slightly less than market value.

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