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Vehicles that are Better to Buy Used

Not that long ago, you could buy a new car for under $10,000. In fact, a Chevy Camaro sold for less than that in 1980. These days, however, cars are a little more expensive. The average price of a new car is just under $40,000–which puts it out of the price range for many people. Because new car prices are so high, a lot of people decide to buy a used car instead. Many used cars have very low miles, and you can buy a newish car without the new car price. Here are some cars that experts say are better to buy used than new.

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Buying a Car With No Credit

Let’s face it unless you live in an area with fantastic public transportation options close by (which most people don’t) it is almost impossible to get by without a vehicle these days. And the process seems simple enough; go to the dealer, look at vehicles, drive a few, buy one. But the fact is when you are a first-time buyer or just someone who doesn’t have much, if any, credit, it can be then become a very difficult ordeal.

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Best Used Cars to Buy in 2020

Buying a vehicle can sometimes be a pretty big hassle. Shopping and comparing different makes and models, taking test drives, researching financing and payment options, as well as everything else that goes into the process can be very time consuming and even a little frustrating. And when you start to consider the pricing of new cars today, many folks find that the types of vehicles that they most prefer may be starting to creep up out of their budget.

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Consider Purchasing a 2015 Nissan Altima

Nissan’s Altima has graced the streets for almost three decades, providing drivers with an affordable and reliable sedan that handles substantial power in an elegant and sporty fashion. The 2015 Altima was an exceptional year for the model and is worth considering if you are in the market for a used vehicle.

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Consider Buying Used When Car Shopping

A recent study found that nearly 70% of people would be likely to consider purchasing a pre-owned vehicle at their next auto purchase. This is a trend that has been growing significantly over the past few decades as new vehicle prices continue to soar. There are many contributing factors for this, such as increased fuel efficiency and hybrid technologies which are still very expensive to produce, as well as other things like more technology and luxurious amenities.

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