Best Used Luxury SUVs to Consider Buying

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Investing in a previously owned vehicle doesn’t always mean you have to compromise on finding exactly what you’re looking for.  There are plenty of luxury SUVs that won’t break the bank while still offering the look and feel you’ve always wanted.  We’ve put together a list of our top luxury picks that will fit just about any budget!

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There are two models of Acura that fit our list.  First up is the 2011 MDX.  Stick with this year to invest in a second-generation 3-row crossover for around just $10,000.  Our other Acura pick is the 2011 RDX.  This one is a little smaller and more akin to a compact SUV.  It’s sporty and fun, sure to turn some heads as you maneuver sharp turns with a turbocharged engine.


The Mercedes-Benz M class reigns supreme as one of the first luxury SUVs on the market.  The 2008 model in particular won’t break the bank but will surprise you with its comfort and class.  Easily drive around five people with extra cargo space.


If Volvo is your dream SUV brand, try out a 2011 XC60.  This compact SUV has two rows and has the sleek lines and shape that make a Volvo, a Volvo.


Hop behind the wheel of a 2009 FX for a crossover that feels a little more like a car than a bulky, larger SUV.  The rear-wheel-drive can be powered by either a V6 or V8 engine depending on the specific model you choose!


Our favorite budget-friendly Lexus is the 2007 GX 470.  This one is functional, comfortable, and sporty.


Last but not least, the 2008 Cadillac Escalade.  There is no mistaking an Escalade rolling down the street, and they are a top contender in the world of luxury SUVs.  The ’08 model is ideal for those who want a beautiful and high-class vehicle that can also tow a heavy load around and chauffer the family with an elegant feel.

Vista Auto Group is here to make your luxury SUV dreams come through.  We keep an expansive inventory on-site and will work with you to find what you need at a price point you can afford.


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