Benefits of No Money Down

Auto-financing mostly comes with “money down”.

Money down aka down payment means paying a certain amount upfront before the monthly repayments begin reading on your auto-finance loan. Without a down payment, most auto-loan options are out of the window before you even consider them. Nonetheless, we found out that there are benefits of no money down and we would like to share them with you.

The Benefits

    • With a no money down policy in place, you do not need to have high credit scores to qualify for the auto-loan; your low credit score will effectively serve to secure you the loan you need for your next car.
    • You can easily swap an actual vehicle aka your old vehicle in the stead of a down payment; this means that what your old vehicle gets traded in for your prospective car purchase in terms of dollar cost which will offset a cash-based down payment.
    • With no money down, you do not have to shell out a bulk of money before you drive your car off a lot of our dealership or any other dealership in the Philadelphia area or across the United States. That will be taken care of on a monthly basis and will give you the time to work, earn, and repay the principal plus interest at a reasonable pace.
    • No money down provides the possibility to get an extended car loan (car loans that last an extended period of time, over 60 months); this means low monthly payments spread over a period of time which suits your financial range.
    • A used car purchase will be less difficult to come by for you than a brand new car purchase. However, this should not deter you because it does not mean that you will get a rickety car; there are tons of used cars which are comfortable and roadworthy.

Our Vista Auto Group team located in Philadelphia offers no money down auto-financing options. Walk into our dealership at 7418 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19136, apply online on our website or on the phone at 215-821-3557.


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